Today, we quietly launched JobHero (, a web and mobile dashboard for organizing and optimizing your job search. Using JobHero, you can save jobs from across the web, search for new career opportunities, track your application progress, upload & tag documents, and set up reminders & deadlines all in one place. And that's just the beginning. We'll be adding features and services as time goes on to make JobHero a smarter management platform for your job search, automating the job search workflow with best practices for landing a better job and career.

Whether you're unemployed, unhappy, making a career change, a student, or new to the market, we want to hear from and help you. The job hunt is time-consuming, often frustrating, and filled with unknowns. We think it's crazy that some people can be better than others at getting a job. The skills required to be a great job seeker aren't indicators of being great at the majority of roles in question. Even further, employers are using an arsenal of technology to find, evaluate, and interact with candidates, but a lot of this tech hasn't been repurposed for the candidates themselves. With JobHero, we're going to equip you with the tools employers have had for years and level the playing field by making you a better job seeker with our smart dashboard.

On this blog, we'll hit topics from job search tools to management advice all the way to career analysis and cover letter review. We'll have guest writing and interviews from experts in various fields. Subscribe to our newsletter (in the sidebar) to receive exclusive job search & career advice in your inbox, send us any questions or topics you want us to discuss, and follow us on Twitter. We're looking forward to this journey with you!

And in the meantime, don't forget to organize and optimize your job search with JobHero.

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