Instant coffee is perfect when you’re in a rush in the morning. It takes no more than two minutes to make, with a spoonful of coffee, some boiling water, and an optional splash of milk and spoon of sugar. If you’re on the go and about to leave, just make some instant, pour it into a travel mug, and run out the door! Don’t forget your keys!

French press

French press is perfect for a day working from home or a Sunday morning. It requires some additional hardware (coffee pot, plunger, coffee grinder) and a fresher batch of coffee beans. French press is especially great if you want a break from work putting together a delicious, effort-filled few cups of black coffee. It’s dense and strong, giving you a nice kick to boost your mood whenever.

Street cart

Often burned, sometimes delicious, and very cheap. When you find yourself the right street cart coffee vendor, you’ll never forget it. Because you’ll be in a rush. You’ll be impatient. You’ll need the caffeine. And your nearby street cart will become your best friend. Soon, you'll walk up to the window every morning at the same time and wordlessly swap a few dollar bills for a piping hot cup to go.



The coffee for early risers who have no reason to rush in the morning. Drip coffee also requires extra hardware and better shades of coffee bean. It takes proper timing, precision, and sleight of hand to put together a quality cup. But when you get it right, it’s a delicious, light, aromatic experience that draws subtle flavor out of the coffee bean. Once you start on drip, you'll never stop.


The coffee for when you’re feeling fancy and rich. Certainly not cheap, certainly overhyped, Starbucks coffee is nevertheless a staple that you’ll find yourself craving. That craving will be especially strong when you haven’t had it in a long time or you're in a particular need for comfort and consistency. Go for that caramel macchiato or, when the season's right, pumpkin spice latte. Just remember: it's less healthy than it looks.

Dunkin Donuts

For when you’re from the East coast. ‘Nuff said.

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Coffee machine at work

If you like stale, bitter, cold coffee, your go-to source is your coffee machine at work. For some unknown reason, no one knows how to work the office coffee maker. Ever. The result is a bad cup of coffee that you drink out of necessity. People will often leave the pot empty, so be sure to look out for the do-gooder that always fills it back up. Swoop in accordingly.

Iced coffee with tons of milk

If you actually like your milk with coffee, rather than your coffee with milk, this one’s for you. A favorite of one JobHero co-founder who wishes to remain anonymous, this gem of a coffee delight is super easy to make. A spoon of Nescafe Taster's Choice (the world’s greatest instant coffee), a packet of sugar, a dash of boiling water, ice, and a ton of milk will create a delicious treat.

Or it’s just a cold cup of coffee-flavored milk, if you’re not into that sort of thing.


Not real coffee. Perfect for those moments when you’re feeling British.

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