Phablet was once a mocking term for oversized smartphones with gigantic screens. The term is a cross between phone and tablet. Recently, companies like Samsung, Google, and even Apple have bought into the large screen craze.

Phablets are ridiculously large, there’s no doubt about that. From the 5.5” iPhone 6 Plus, to the 5.7” Galaxy Note, all the way to the monster-sized 6” Nexus 6, there are tons of devices and even sizes to choose from. But phablets are more than just devices for your own personal connectivity and entertainment. They can be amazing tools for your professional life as well.

Here are benefits of buying a phablet for work.

Amazing battery life

A natural part of being a phablet is the implication that there’s no need to be ultra-thin or compact. Which is a great thing for your phone’s battery life. Phablets have some of the best batteries in any smartphone, simply because manufacturers care less about cramming as many components into a tiny space as possible. When you don’t have to worry about giving up battery for chips and processors, you can do great things with a phone’s battery.

So if you find your smartphone running out of battery in the middle of your workday, or if you find yourself running out of battery in the middle of an important call, you might want to consider a phablet. Because the tradeoff of a slightly larger phone for the sake of a significantly more efficient battery might be completely worth it.


Unparalleled view

There’s a lot to be said for a gigantic screen on your phone. If you have a particularly lengthy commute, you’ve probably found yourself at times watching YouTube videos, opening up Netflix, reading a book on Kindle, or playing a game on your current, normal-sized smartphone. All those media viewing experiences become wildly enhanced on a bigger phone screen.

Your movies will be easier to watch, your funny clips will be easier to enjoy, your games will be better to play, and your books will be less straining on your eyes, all because you’re viewing them on a bigger screen. So when you’re on your commute and you’re rubbing your tired eyes every few minutes, consider your phone’s screen size. It just might be the source of your continued struggles. If mobile entertainment is a big part of your work commute, you should consider a bigger screen.

Working efficiency

Working on your smartphone may not sound too enticing. A tiny screen with a cramped keyboard is no valid replacement for a laptop or desktop computer. But sometimes, work comes to you when you’re on the go, and you have to respond regardless of what device you need to do it on.

And if this is a regular part of your job, the best possible option for doing that work on a smartphone is a phablet. With increased screen real estate comes increased keyboard size. You’ll find it a lot easier to type out an email, edit a document, or read through and comment on a colleague’s presentation deck.

And that’s not even mentioning multitasking. Phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note allow you to have two applications running simultaneously. If you need to write an email about a document or presentation, you can have it open while at the same time typing out your message. You won’t have to keep switching between apps every few seconds.

Any work-related activity you have to do on your phone is a whole lot easier when you do it on a bigger screen. And your commute will get a whole lot easier with a big screen to view your entertainment on. So when you come up for your next phone upgrade, give a phablet a chance and you might find yourself loving it.

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