With the holidays rolling around, it’s time to start thinking about the gifts you want to give to the working professionals in your life, whether they’re friends, family, mentors, or even a co-worker or manager you’re close with. For some of those people, it might be the start of something big - a new job, a new promotion, or graduation. For others, it might be a rough year at work and the need for a fresh start. A few might have even had the best year of their lives on the job.

As you’re thinking about what to get for these hard-working professionals, consider a few of these great gift options that they can use on the job.

Contigo 20oz Travel Mug - $23 - (LINK)

If you have a family member, friend, or co-worker who rushes out the door while forgetting their hot cup of coffee or tea on the counter, this insulated, tightly-sealed travel mug is a great way to help them get their morning fuel. An auto-sealing feature will help them avoid spills and messes in the car or on the bus, all while keeping their favorite beverage hot and fresh. And the stainless steel interior is easy to clean, taking a little bit of stress out of every morning.

Birchbox Beauty Box Subscription - $10/month or $110/year - (LINK)

A great gift for a mother, daughter, sister, or girlfriend, this Birchbox monthly beauty kit has everything she’ll need for her morning makeup, skin, hair, and fragrance routine. You can personalize the subscription to fit her style needs. If you’d rather get a single box to try it out, they also have a selection of Limited Edition boxes to choose from.

Harry’s Winston Shaving Kit - $60 - (LINK)

For the guys in your life who like their beards perfectly groomed or closely shaved, this shaving kit will give them the tools and accessories they need to maintain their look. With a razor, shaving foam or gel, extra razor heads, travel bag, and more, their shaving routine will never be the same. And the razors can also be engraved with two or three letters, letting you etch their initials for a personalized feel.

Holiday Gifts for Professionals

PWR+ Portable Laptop Stand - $40 - (LINK)

Sitting down too much can be hazardous to a working professional’s health on the job. If you know someone who sits too much on the job, help them adjust that habit by with this adjustable laptop stand. The stand will let them rotate their laptop from an optimal seated viewing position, hooked up to a separate keyboard and mouse, to a standing position where they can get up out of their chair to work. Working while standing up will help them get better blood circulation through their body, negating some of the poor effects of a sedentary work life.

Gunnar Computer Eyewear - $70-100 - (LINK)

Staring too much at a computer screen can cause severe eye strain and even damage. And with the nature of the workplace adjusting in response to new technology every day, we find ourselves working more and more hours in front of a screen.Gunnar glasses are specially designed to reduce this type of eye strain by protecting your eyes from glare, certain UV light rays, and high-energy blue light. Give a professional in your life some relief for their eyes. They’ll thank you for it.

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Pedals - $159 - (LINK)

The sedentary work lifestyle is causing a lot of health issues for many working professionals. If you know someone who hates the fact that they’re forced to sit behind a desk without much motion every day, this desk exercise system might be the right gift for them. It fits under their work desk and allows them to keep their legs in motion while they work. The extra blood flow and heart rate bump will also help them think faster and problem-solve more efficiently.

Lasko Personal Heater - $16 - (LINK)

Some people work in freezing cold offices. Whether the heating just isn’t up to par, or the maintenance team keeps the temperature too low, it can become unbearable to work in a cold office in the wintertime. Help them out with this low-watt personal space heater. It will keep the small area around their desk warm so that they can keep working without shivering. Are they struggling with hot weather instead? Check out this Honeywell personal fan instead.

Keurig Coffee Variety Sampler - $25 - (LINK)

If you’re buying a gift for a coffee lover whose office or home has a Keurig machine, a great place to start would be this variety sampler of Keurig K-Cup coffees. With 40 different coffee types in the sampler (or a smaller 20-cup version), they’ll be sure to find a few cups to fall in love with. And since Keurig brewers allow for quick and easy cups of instant coffee, it’s the perfect gift for a coffee lover on the run. Just remind them that Keurig cups are not recyclable, and consider adding an extra K-Cup recycling tool to your gift bag.

TrackR Bravo Tracking Tags - $30-150 - (LINK)

If you know someone who is prone to losing something of value, get them a set of TrackR Bravo tracking tags. They can attach these tags to things they are prone to losing, like their wallet or keys, and use their phone to track where it is. Using crowd-sourced GPS, TrackR allows them to find the things they’ve lost by pinpointing their location whenever someone else with the device is within 100 feet of their tagged item. Just make sure you check the coverage map to be sure that there are enough TrackR users in their area.

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