IFTTT is a great service that allows you to automate many parts of your work, home, and personal life. By connecting to the various apps you use every day to one another, IFTTT (which stands for "if this, then that") lets you take care of many of the time consuming and repetitive tasks you do on a daily basis. The app works with 238 different services, from home automation to office productivity and even to-do lists.

And you should use it as a quick and painless way to automate a lot of the annoying little morning tasks. With IFTTT, you'll have more time each morning to enjoy the taste and smell of your delicious cup of coffee.

Here's how to use IFTTT to simplify your mornings.

Wake up stress-free

  • Turn off silent mode in the morning (Android) - Silent mode is great for when you need to get some shuteye but your phone keeps buzzing. If you’re like most people, you probably forget to turn it off every once in a while and miss some important notifications. This recipe will do that for you every morning at whatever time you set.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi when you leave the house (iOS) (Android) - Smartphone battery life is still not quite what it should be. Turning off Wi-Fi when leaving the house is a good way to keep your phone juiced, but it’s hard to remember to do it every day. This recipe will allow you to set your home as a default location so that when you leave the house, Wi-Fi will automatically be disabled.

IFTTT automate morning

  • Get the day’s weather in a push notification on your smartphone (iOS) (Android) - Never forget your umbrella. Always dress for the weather. Be mentally prepared for that extra-long rain or snow delayed commute with this IFTTT recipe, which will notify you every morning of what the weather for the day will be.

Start your day off right

  • Set your phone to vibrate when you get to the office (iOS) (Android) - Having your phone’s ringer go off every few minutes for a text, notification, email, or phone call can get really annoying for your co-workers. Set your office location, and this recipe will automatically set your phone to vibrate when you get to the office.

  • Turn on Wi-Fi when you get to work (iOS) (Android) - When you get to the office, you can connect straight to the office Wi-Fi to save your mobile data plan and battery life. Instead of worrying about it, go brew up your morning coffee and let IFTTT automatically turn Wi-Fi on based on the location of your office.

  • Track your work hours in Google Calendar (iOS) (Android) - If tracking your work hours is important to you as a contractor or hourly worker, or if you just like knowing when you arrived and left work each day, this is a great recipe to keep yourself on track. Just set a work location and connect your Google Calendar, and you'll get a calendar entry for whenever you arrive at and leave work.

Read your favorite articles

  • Get articles you favorite on Twitter sent directly to Pocket or Instapaper - Every night before bed, go through your Twitter feed to find articles you think are interesting. Using this recipe, each Tweeted article that you favorite will be saved to your Pocket or Instapaper account, allowing you to read it during your morning routine or commute.

  • Get your favorite RSS feed sent to Pocket or Instapaper - No one likes having to search for quality content early in the morning. Get yourself a curated list of articles from your favorite RSS feeds sent to your Pocket or Instapaper account. That way, you can avoid navigating to half a dozen websites and instead open up a single app with an updated feed of your favorite news outlets & blogs.

Use IFTTT to simplify your morning routine, and you'll find that removing even the tiniest bits of stress and forgetfulness from the early hours will improve your entire day overall.

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