The one-a-night watcher

The one-a-night Netflix watcher usually gets home from work, puts their feet up, and hits play on the next episode of Firefly. It’s a good way to relax and decompress from a long day of work.

The one-a-night job applicant will find that one perfect position every night that he wants to apply to and will carefully submit a quality application. If you’re the one-a-night applicant, make sure you stick to the schedule! While not always true, finding a job can be a numbers game – the more places you send quality applications to, the higher your chance of getting hired. Try to up that number of applications per day from one to two, then to three, once you’ve optimized your process.

Pro tip: Don’t miss a single day of applying if you’re a one-a-night job seeker. You have a productive habit on your hands, so losing it might set you back!

The sporadic watcher

This Netflix customer watches two or three episodes every once in a while, whenever the desire strikes them, and in no regular pattern. Often, they’ll go days, maybe even weeks without watching a show, but when the mood strikes, they’ll get right back into it.

Similarly, the sporadic job applicant will apply every few days, waiting for answers and keeping themselves otherwise busy in between. As a sporadic applicant, you should make sure that you keep a somewhat consistent pace of applications. And don’t forget to follow up on the ones you sent last time -- that’s a key to success in the job search. As long as you stay persistent, it’s okay to be a sporadic applicant.

And if you need an extra hand in being diligent about your hunt for a new gig, get yourself a job search buddy to keep you motivated and accountable! Ask a friend or family member for their help.

Pro tip: Even if you don’t apply every day, look for opportunities regularly. Save the jobs you find on the web with our JobHero Sidekick so you have them on hand when you get in the applying mood.

The binge-watcher

The binge Netflix consumer will find herself having watched an entire season of House of Cards in one sitting. No shower, only getting up for food and water, fully focused on and enthralled by the show.

Much like the Netflix binge watcher, the binge job applicant will grab her laptop and blast out tens of applications in one day. If you’re the binge applicant, make sure you take a few precautions to avoid mistakes common to rushed applications. Carefully cater your resume & cover letter for each position, keep track of the places you’ve applied, and make sure you’re only applying to jobs you’re truly qualified for.

Pro tip: if you pick any one day of the week to binge apply, do it on a Monday. It’s statistically proven to be the best day to apply to jobs!


The analyst

The Netflix analyst will spend an hour before and after each episode deeply analyzing the intricacies and subtleties of show he’s watching. His viewing experience is incomplete if he doesn’t read about all the Easter Eggs or view all the deleted scenes.

The job application analyst is similar in that he’ll spend an hour combing a company’s blog, getting a good sense of their culture, and scouring the web for news, both good and bad, that could make or break her desire to apply to a company. If you’re an analyst job seeker, your applications are probably stellar. Your cover letter relates with the hiring manager and the team. Your resume is perfectly catered to the job description.

Just make sure you don’t paint yourself into a corner where your expectations are too high. Recognize that no company is perfect, just like no applicant is perfect.

Pro tip: set out your job search parameters (things you must have, would like to have, are willing to sacrifice, and could do without) clearly and explicitly before you start the hunt!

The traveler

The traveler watches Netflix on his commute to and from work, either on his Nexus 5 or on his iPad. She’s got an unlimited data plan to support his habit and let her watch her favorite shows on the go.

The traveling job applicant will find jobs on mobile, save them for later, and apply as soon as possible. If you’re one of these job seekers, you probably revel in mobile-optimized job listings that allow you to apply easily from any mobile device.

Just remember to go through all the same steps you would from a laptop or desktop. You have to be just as diligent in company research and resume customization, even if applications feel so much easier to send quickly on your phone.

Pro tip: The JobHero dashboard is fully optimized for all mobile devices, allowing you to bring your job search tools with you on the go!

So, what type of Netflix viewer are you? And, more importantly, what type of applicant are you?

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