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Financial details

1. Would you say your team has all the resources it wants or has to do more with less?

2. How does my role (directly or indirectly) impact company financials?

3. (For startups) The last round of funding I could find online was X years ago. Are there current plans for fundraising?


4. Are there specific metrics this role and my performance would be evaluated against?

5. How often does the team hit its goals? How does the team and the company deal with missed goals?

6. How often do you do performance reviews and what format do they take?

Company culture

7. Is there a specifically busy or stressful season for the company? Can you talk about how things change during that time?

8. Are there any volunteer or charitable activities the company is involved with?

9. How fast is the team growing? What's the expected headcount six months from now?



10. Is your door open anytime or do you prefer to schedule formal meetings?

11. How often does the organization have an all-hands meeting?

12. What did the last person in this role do that made them successful?

Career goals

13. What do you envision someone does next after doing well in this particular role?

14. Are there opportunities to switch or work with other teams within the organization?

15. Are there any important related conferences or trainings that I'd be expected to attend?


16. Is this position more reactive, doing what needs to be done, or proactive, taking on new initiatives?

17. Do you expect this role to evolve or mostly stay the same?

18. What is the most constant barrier in the way of success in this position?

Next steps

19. What would you suggest a new hire do to prepare for the role?

20. What is your hiring timeline for this position?

21. Is there anything I can clarify for you about me?

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