Getting the salary bump you want in 2016 requires a smart effort towards achieving your career goals. From finding a better job to becoming financially stable, a better salary is about more than just the number you get on your paycheck each pay period.

Here are several in-depth articles that will enable you to move toward a better salary this year:

Earn higher pay

Land your next promotion - A promotion is a great way to get a sizable bump in salary. It’s a longer-term play than finding a new job or asking for a raise but can be the most rewarding path to take. If you like your job and are happy with your employer, take these seven tips to heart over the next few months and you’ll be in a great spot to land a promotion.

Get a raise even when your boss says no - When you ask for a salary bump, your boss might say no. Whether for financial reasons or because they don’t think you deserve it, you may not get the answer to hear. But there are ways to force the issue yourself. If you’re certain your value is higher than your pay, don’t give up the fight for better compensation.

get a better salary

Find a better job

Switch jobs to progress - Even if you love your job and are happy with your employer, you might have to make a change to get better pay. If you feel like you’ve reached a stopping point at your current role, or if you feel like you can advance faster at another company, consider these five benefits to landing a new job today.

Apply based on your goals - Too many candidates make the mistake of applying for the job they have rather than the one they want. But if you keep getting the same job over and over, you’ll keep getting the same salary. Apply for the job you want, whether it gives you more responsibilities or is a leadership role. That’s the best way to get a higher salary.

Negotiate your salary - Part of getting what you want out of your next job is negotiating on the salary and benefits you’re offered. It’s on you as a candidate to know your worth and ask for the salary you think you deserve. Don’t take the first number you get at face value. The company almost always has a range they’d be willing to pay.

Spend money to make money

Learn to earn more - A great place to financially invest for your career is in your education. From a higher degree to certification courses, your continuing education signals ambition and progress to your company and potential employers. It also gives you bargaining power when asking for promotions, raises, or a higher salary offer.

Invest in your job search - When you’re looking for a new job, a monetary investment may seem like a bad idea. But spending a bit of money on your health, your wardrobe, and filling in gaps in your employment will help you land the job and salary of your dreams.

Ensure your financial stability

Avoid early financial mistakes - Start a savings account. Rein in your cost of living. Focus on your retirement fund and pay off your student loans. Focusing on your finances early in your career means you have a safety net to fall back into when you’re refused a raise, get a pay cut, or even lose your job. That stability will enable you to run a smart and focused job search for better pay.

Prepare for job loss - Job loss can strike at an unexpected time. Your company might have to go through a round of layoffs or you might get fired for performance reasons. Being ready for these hard times means understanding your job loss benefits, from unemployment to severance packages, and having an emergency fund ready to keep you afloat.

Find a better place to live

Cost of city living - Living on the East or West Coast can be expensive, especially if your main targets are New York or San Francisco. But both coasts have other options and one is quite a bit more affordable than the other. If city life is your thing, check out this cost of living comparison between major cities on both coasts.

Up and coming places to work - Some cities have strong economies, great companies that are always hiring, cheap housing, and very low cost of living. They’re considered up and coming places to work for a good reason. So if you’re looking to make a change of scenery, consider these great options for your next career move.

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