11 Pieces of Career Advice from Frank Underwood of House of Cards

Manipulative, destructive, and overpowering -- while Frank Underwood has his fair share of frightening qualities, he drops his fair share of inspiring quotes along the way. Here are 11 Frank Underwood quotes and the interpretation you can apply to your career or job search.

1. Don't always do things the way they've been done. The exceptions are often the winners.

Of all the things I hold in high regards, rules are not one of them.

2. Perception is an important factor in your success. Always look your best and make sure you're heard.

After all, we are nothing more or less than what we choose to reveal.

3. Teammates, bosses, mentors, and family are all bigger parts of your success than you realize. Nurture positive relationships.

It's so refreshing to work with someone who will throw a saddle on a gift horse rather than look it in the mouth.

4. If you don't take initiative, someone else will. Be the one to achieve promotion and grab opportunity.

In politics, you either eat the baby or you are the baby.

5. A lost project, sale, or job won't make a dent in your career if you put in the effort to win every day with everything you do.

I've never thought higher of her than I do at this moment. She lost, but she played to win.

6. Each project within a job or job within a career is one piece of the journey, so make each one count to craft a great story.

That's how you devour a whale. One bite at a time.

7. Whether making moves within an organization or talking to one before you join, start the conversation early so you can make your move when the time is right.

A cat likes to play with a mouse before the killing blow.

8. You can always re-invent yourself, your role, or look for something entirely new. Satisfaction is key to success.

If you don't like how the table is set, turn over the table.

9. Whether in your own work or in a job offer, always check the details. They might be everything.

Pay attention to the fine print. It's far more important than the selling price.

10. Build around your weaknesses. Either improve your soft spots or find teammates to ally with for top performance.

Even Achilles was only as strong as his heel.

11. The best careers and job searches are made of hard work and challenges. Take on the big stuff to win big.

The higher up the mountain, the more treacherous the path.

All images via House of Cards, Netflix.

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