Music can either make your workday a productive blast, or it can distract you from what you’re doing. If you want to get through a long day with music on your side, it’s important to choose the right playlist for your mood. Whether you’re feeling out of energy and need to get pumped up, or you’re stressed out and need relaxation, Spotify has the right playlist for your day.

Check out these 10 Spotify playlists that will help make any day a bit more productive.

1. WhileYouWork - A fun, energetic playlist full of songs of various genres (alternative rock, house, pop, etc…) that will quickly get you in a working groove. Features songs from Cold War Kids, The xx, Passion Pit, Mumford & Sons, and many more.

2. Your Favorite Coffee House - Small coffee shops often play the best music for students and professionals looking to work along to some background tunes. This playlist has some relaxing acoustic folk songs that you’d expect to hear at your favorite fancy local coffee house. It goes great with a piping hot cup of your favorite coffee or tea.

3. Atmospheric Calm - A playlist full of relaxing, slow-paced songs with mellow beats, Atmospheric Calm is perfect for when you’re having a stressful day and need to mentally unwind as you work. Chances are you won’t recognize many of the artists on the list, but you’ll appreciate the calming tunes they’ve produced.

4. Creativity Boost - Full of “artsy” songs with flowing vocals and experimental beats, Creativity Boost is a great playlist for when you need to get the creative juices flowing. Whether you’re writing a blog post, playing with Photoshop, or even just trying to put together a clever business plan, this playlist will get you thinking on the right track.

5. Mind Right - Mind Right is a hip hop playlist full of big-time modern bangers and some great classics. It’s perfect for anytime you want quick lyrics and heavy beats to get you feeling powered up and ready to tackle any task.

6. electroNOW - Intense songs, fast beats, and club anthems fill this energetic playlist. When you’re feeling drained of energy, shock your system and get your productivity back by transporting yourself to the nightclub. Skrillex, Tiesto, Axwell, Diplo, and many more fill this fun song lineup.

7. Vacation Haus - Hating the cold? Or maybe dreaming of a tropical vacation? This playlist full of island and tropical house songs will transplant your mind to the warmth of sunny weather. The upbeat and melodic songs included will help perk your mood up as you’re working.

8. Perfect Concentration - This playlist offers the perfect combination of music to focus to and music to spark your creativity. Acoustic-only classical songs from Mozart, Bach, and more will not only help you stay on track, but get you thinking and problem-solving creatively.

9. #ThrowbackThursday - Sometimes you need a powerful ‘80s metal ballad, a rebellious Nirvana number, or some cheesy ‘90s pop to get you pumped up for the tasks ahead. This playlist is updated each week with a different theme, so keep coming back to see which throwback songs you can listen to each Thursday.

10. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - After the workday ends, you might be interested in a bit of storytelling rather than a musical commute. Take a trip to 221B Baker Street with these dramatized, voice acted, and narrated read-throughs of the various mysteries faced by Sherlock Holmes and his companion, Dr. John Watson.

Don’t see something you like here? Or maybe you’re in a bit of a different mood? Spotify has hundreds of playlists full of great music, so head on over and find the right one for you. Or get a bit creative on your downtime and make your own.

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