1. Trello (Free/Premium)

Trello is one of the best project management tools on the market, applying simplicity to complicated workflows. It allows you to create a board for any project in which you can add relevant tasks, comments, links, due dates, and wrap that all up in a highly collaborative, team-based assignment system. It's an easy glance at everything you need to see about a project.

2. Assistant.to (Free)

Assistant.to is a digital scheduling assistant that enables you to eliminate the normal back and forth required to schedule a meeting. It pulls dates and times from your calendar, allowing you to prevent double-bookings and presenting the options you have open to the other meeting participants directly within your emails. With a single click, they coordinate a meeting, adding it to both your calendars.

3. Pocket (Free/Premium)

Pocket allows you to save any interesting article, Tweet, video, or other online content for later viewing. Whether on your web browser or from mobile browsers or apps (like Twitter, Pulse, or Flipboard), it's as easy as pressing a button to collect all your bookmarks. You can also download that content directly to your device if you expect to be without an Internet connection on a commute.

4. Yesware (Free/Premium)

YesWare is an email productivity suite with a primary focus on email tracking. You'll be able to see who opens your emails, when, where, and what attachments or links they clicked on. You can also schedule emails to be sent at a later time and create and test email templates for repetitive messages.


5. LastPass (Free/Premium)

LastPass is a great way to store and manage all your passwords in a central, safe program. It remembers your passwords securely, allows you to generate new, secure passwords, and automatically inputs passwords into relevant login fields. If you're using this in the enterprise, check in with your IT team to make sure it's okay to use!

6. Sunrise (Free)

Sunrise is a multiplatform calendar that integrates all of your calendars (from Google, iCal, Exchange, and others) into a single, intuitive, modern application. You can also connect social media profiles, organization tools, and other apps to plug in all relevant events and tasks into this central calendar.

7. Do (Free/Premium)

Do enables you to run focused, organized meetings by giving you a visual timeline of the day's tasks, allowing yout o set an agenda, and enabling every meeting participant to share notes & documents. It eliminates the need for long, confusing email threads and standardizes agenda and meeting collaboration. Healthy meetings = healthy living.

8. Slack (Free/Premium)

Slack is a simple and organized chat platform for teams. It brings everyone into one central chat dashboard with any amount of sub-channels for your team (and teams within teams) to have grou pconversations. There is a huge suite of integrations with other enterprise and productivity tools, allowing you and your team to have a bird's eye view not only of your communication with others but also your use of third party apps within your workflow.

9. Cold Turkey (Free/Premium)

Cold Turkey enables you to increase your productivity by eliminating the distractions of the web. With Cold Turkey, you can block specific websites and applications that are distracting you from your work and do so over scheduled time blocks that you set ahead of time. If you need particularly strict encouragement, you can force yourself to stick to your goals by locking yourself from shutting down Cold Turkey before the scheduled blocks expire.

10. Google Drive (Free)

If you aren't already using it, Google Drive is an awesome, central place for teams to store & share files and documents. It's integrated with several other Google applications you might use at work that enable easy and collaborative team editing, viewing, and accessing across your devices.

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